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Talco has the experience and has the broadest product line on the market!

Talco manufactures a broad line of pump systems designed to meet the needs of 13D applications. Since 1981 Talco has manufactured packaged pump systems for various markets, but in recent years our primary focus has been on the fire industry.
Talco has spent five years in the evolution of our present pump system line and we believe that we have the best units on the market.The Talco systems range from 1.5 to 7.5 hp single phase and can provide pumps that produce a maximum of 80 gpm and 80 psi boost.

The systems are provided as stand alone units to boost city pressure or with above or below ground storage tanks as required. The pump systems are complete with valves, fittings, pressure switch, flow switch, base and controller.
Each system is assembled, painted and tested before shipment. Certified test results are also provided in our O&M Manual. Talco has nitrogen driven back-up packages to further meet customer requirements.
The Talco Home Hydrant system is the ultimate packaged system and includes a tank pump and piping with all of the required fittings and accessories included
With our low cost and maximum reliability you can't go wrong by using a Talco 13D-pump system.