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Huguenot Laboratories Inc. provides engineered solution to address corrosion in wet, dry, and preaction fire protection systems (FPS). Huguenot Laboratories has over 95 years of combined fire protection industry experience in addressing problematic fire protection systems (FPS) due to corrosion and/or MIC (Microbiological Induced Corrosion). We have a complete product line of GREEN treatment technologies to remediate fire protection systems. Huguenot Laboratories Inc. has a wide range of laboratory services to properly diagnose fire protection system problems. Once a proper diagnosis has been completed, a remediation program is selected to provide cleaning, sterilization, and long term corrosion protection. Huguenot Laboratories is the only company in the industry that guarantees the treatment results through a comprehensive corrosion monitoring program.

Huguenot Laboratories Inc. in-house services include water analysis, MIC (Microbiological Induced Corrosion) biological culture analysis, ICP-MS Inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy deposit analysis, and metallurgical microscopy analysis of sprinkler components.

Huguenot Laboratories Inc. field engineering services include internal borescope inspections, ultrasound testing, chemical treatment programs for corrosion remediation, patented automated chemical feed systems and total system analysis/consultation for corrosion in fire protection systems. We are specialists in the prevention of sprinkler corrosion.