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The de facto standard in fire sprinkler corrosion control. Engineered Corrosion Solutions (ECS) is a corrosion engineering firm specializing in helping clients manage risk associated with leaking fire sprinkler systems. We provide scientifically proven nitrogen inerting technology to stop corrosion and extend the useful life of wet, dry, and preaction fire sprinkler systems. Our solutions prevent leaks before they occur.

ECS offers a suite of corrosion management solutions for water-based fire sprinkler systems that include the following:
- ECS Protector Nitrogen Generation System
- ECS In-line Corrosion Detector
- ECS Protector Nitrogen Inerting Vent
- ECS Ejector Automatic Air Vent

ECS also offers a suite of analytical and assessment services to identify the root causes of corrosion and meet the fire sprinkler system inspection requirements as provided by the NFPA. These services include:
- Internal pipe videoscoping
- MIC Microbial Contamination Analysis/Deposit Analysis (NFPA 25)
- MIC Microbial Contamination Analysis/Complete Water Analysis (NFPA 13)
- Failure Analysis/Metallographic Pipe Analysis
- Failed Pipe Corrosion Analysis

*ECS was formerly known as Fire Protection Systems Corrosion Management, Inc. (fpsCMI)*