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Dyne Fire Protection Labs is an independent compliance testing company serving customers throughout the world, and is ISO-9001 certified. Dyne specializes in testing Fire Sprinklers, Firefighting Foam (NFPA and International Maritime Organization/USCG standards), Dry Chemical and Antifreeze Solution for sprinkler systems.

Dyne Technologies makes it easy for you to stay compliant with critical NFPA 25 fire protection and safety codes by offering:
* Unmatched customer service
* Guaranteed 5 business day turn-around times for your test results, with 24 or 36 hour rush services available for most services
* Free sample test kits for standard Fire Sprinklers, Firefighting Foam, Dry Chemical and Antifreeze Solution
* Postage-paid ground shipping to you and for samples shipped to our lab from locations within the continental USA for most types of testing
* Direct communication with our chemists and technical staff
* Reports available to you by mail (report & laminated tank/system tag) or by email (pdf)
* Free reminder services for firefighting foam and antifreeze
* Online access to test reports

Dyne Fire Protection Labs…partnering to protect lives and property by helping you meet your NFPA 25 testing requirements.